What we do?

  • PC, iPhone and iPad games
  • Serious games
  • Unity workshops and trainings


Who are we?

Small game dev studio.
We make 2D+3D games and simulations for PC and mobile.


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Welcome to krej.net Blog

Here you'll find news about our projects, events and technology we use.

We respect our clients' privacy, and projects in progress are top-secret, but if there is something mind-blowing that we can reveal, we'll do it here.

Stay tuned!

Most up to date technology

We always are two steps ahead. We love tools we use and understand where their development leads.

Programmers that enjoy working with artists

We know how to use rich multimedia in our project. 3D models, 2D artwork, music, animations, name it.

Developers, not just coders

We believe that our creativity is important. We love to have impact on projects.

About Us

We want excellence. Everyday.
By everyone.
We are a team of experts.We strive for excellence in what we do. We believe in a culture of continuous improvements.Read more