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Our team


Kris Krej, CEO

He started as a freelance Flash developer. After eight years, according to freelancer.com statistics, he has become one of the top 1,000 freelancers in the world. Then he decided to stop working in Flash and start creating three-dimensional games in Unity engine. Since 2010 he leads game dev studio in Krakow.



Rafał Kańka, Senior Unity Game Developer

Programmer by trade. Huge fan of fantasy games and literature, especially Tolkien. In his free time he writes a fantasy novel, subcreates a world for it, plays video games, pen-and-paper RPGs, LARPs, tries to learn or play with new programming languages, game design, 3D modelling, digital painting, animating, musical instruments, acting, and dozens of other things he may never find time to get any good at.

Krzysztof Koptyra, IT Specialist

He specializes in Linux administration, Java and Java EE programming,
database maintenance and communication between game and server.

His main task is to make sure, that all backend parts of developed application are running smoothly and stable.


Kacper Zych, Unity Game Developer

Young, active and creative. Programmer by choice, gamer with passion. Always in move: practical enthusiast of martial arts and volleyball; keen to learn and experiance the new; constantly looking for opportunities to broaden his mind. Good music is the base of his existence.



Michał Rybczyński, Unity Game Developer

Programmer aspiring to became a Game Designer. Great admirer of video games and broadly defined fantasy. Loves to compete, compete - no matter how. In his free time he enjoys reading, alpine skiing, sailing and chilling.



Karol Wieczorek, Unity Game Developer

Programmer with great passion to playing and creating video games. Beside work, he likes to read fantasy books, watch sci-fi movies and practise sports like football and basketball. Apart from all this he's muay thai fighter.



Mateusz Jeleń, Unity Game Developer

After 2 years of experiance in QT, he aimed his interest to Unity. He has 10 years of freelancer experiance as Hardware Specialist. Hardcore Gamer over the last 12 years. Buff of good cinema, theaters, card games and gameboards (big chess lover). Keen sport fan and observet. Apart from this, math and politics are also his hobbies.



Bartosz Stoliński, Unity Game Developer

Not feeling that the path of an audio engineer is for him, he went for the game development, starting with hybrid (mobile+board) games and augmented reality apps. Dedicated MMO raider and Whovian, playing guitar and mixing music in free time.

His top projects:




Partyk Czajka,  Game Developer

Aside from game developing, he studies biomedical engineering. Working at Empyrean allowed him to take up a career in game industry and to pursue his lifelong passion for gaming and problem solving. He spends what little time he has left - you probably guessed it - playing online games. He's also a huge fan of Japanese culture, anime and the language itself.




Dominik Bujny, 2D and 3D Graphic designer

Graphic designer by vocation, specializes in 2D art as well as in 3D modeling, texturing rigging etc. Currently involved in 3D Mapping project for Cracow's University of Technology.  Man of many hobbies and even more interests, smithing, skiing, playing video games, sci-fi, fantasy and many, many more. Loves abstract ideas, good book, weird hats and is heavily addicted to tea.

His top projects:

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Why Choose Us

Our projects are our passion

We love having impact on projects. We believe that good project is win-win situation. We put a lot of creativity in our work.

We respect privacy and security

Every our project is obfuscated - no one will be able to decompile and steal it. Also, everyone in team has signed NDA. If you'll request us not to talk about project outside company, we won't.

We can communicate with artists & designers

We were making projects for companies from about 20 countries. We learned how to communicate, and we really enjoy it.

Our charges are reasonable

We are based in Poland. Life here is much cheaper than for example life in US.

Therefore we can find rates that are good for both sides.

We know how to manage our projects

We value working software over comprehensive documentation. In same time we use tools like distributed revision control, project management system and wiki to have everything in order.

We don't reinvent wheels

We know when to be creative and when use 3-rd party software. We can code ourselves as well as use external libraries, frameworks and assets. We care about results in same time knowing industry standards.

Our History


Company was created by Kris Krej more than 5 years ago (on 10.01.2010), and operates since then.

Among top 1000 freelancers in the world!

In may 2013 freelancer.com announced that we earned a place place among the top 1000 freelancers in the world. We decided to drop freelancing and evolve into regular Agile team.

Focusing on iOS mobile market

Our first iPad game was published in 2013, but 2014 was the year when we were working exclusively on such projects and gained a lot experience in it.

PvP games!

Right now we are releasing our first online PvP game, and still working on another one!

Greatest successes

Moving from 2D to 3D

After 2 years of freelancing and making 2D games, we had enough clients, completed projects and budget to start experimenting and do our first 3D projects.

Freelancer.com distinction

"It looks like all your hard work over the past year has earned you a place among the top 1000 freelancers in the world."

Our first Unity 3D workshops

AGH University of Science and Technology asked us to conduct 2 weeks workshops on making 3D games and so we did.

Our Mission

If our game costs player his money and time, let it be something valuable.

Be it a breathtaking experience, refreshing and relaxing jolt of adrenaline. Be it a piece of good narrative that would conceive thoughts of player's own morality, philosophy, life and death. Let us not leech upon primordial instincts of human fallen nature that would bind one to a device and make him or her lose hours clicking and tapping the same buttons over and over again to gain a new level, boost some numbers, get a new monster of item that is quite nice, but also quite cheap as it is a mere motionless picture. May our players feel that playing our games is a time well spent. I prefer making games that will be short, but rich.

--Rafał Kańka, Senior Unity Game Developer

Our Vision

We turn your game ideas into completed products ready for sale.

Clients come to us with game ideas - sometime it is just vision, sometimes full game design doc. Sometimes they already have all graphic and sounds assets, sometimes not. We develop games starting from what they provided. We work strictly with our clients, presenting current results and making brainstorms with them. We are paid for development, client can earn much more if game will be success. Success of one side is success of another.

Our Values

  • Sincerity

    We say what we mean and mean what we say. Both, with clients and inside a team.

  • Continual improvement

    People are not our most important asset, they are our only asset. Game development evolves fast, learning new skills is our only choice.

  • Money is not enough

    We want change peoples' lives. This is why we are working on serious games, organize meetups and share our knowledge inside and outside team.