Former Contributors

This is a list of former contributors of our company who have produced content for our projects over the years.

Many have left for various reasons. But, they are far from forgotten.


Brajan Gawęcki, Unity Game Developer

Code pirate. Hi is sailing the seas of C# code for two years. Graduated from Cracow University of Cracow with engineer title. He made few mobile apps since started working in Unity, now he is working on PC game. In free time likes concerts, good movie and beers (gourmet, not drunkard) :).

His top projects:






Agata Kulpa, Unity Game Developer

Enthusiast of virtual reality and using Unity 3D Game Engine in common use applications. Involved in virtual tours and 3D visualization project, especially in visual effects and 3D modelling. In daily work with pleasure taking up the next problem, privately heavy coffee drinker as well as concert maniac.

Her top projects:





Taras Leskiv, Unity Game Developer

Former Android developer, now Unity 3D developer that has been dreaming about making games since his childhood. Now when the dream came true, he is willing to share his experience and knowledge about gamedev with others. Speaker on big gamedev and IT conferences. (Lviv IT Arena, Casual Connect). Highly interested in industrial design and English language. Enjoys playing table-tennis and doing translations in his spare time.

His top projects:

  • Ninety Minute Fever - Unity developer



Tomasz Korecki, Unity Game Developer

He gets an incredible enjoy from solving engineering problems. Connecting and implementing of new crazy ideas is not fear for him. Likes to keep things simple and stable as possible. Fascinated in science-fiction and blues music, especially in diatonic harmonica instrument. After work practicing boxing and riding on roller skates.

His top projects:



Maciej Spyra, 3D Artist

He is fascinated in widely understood 3D graphics and excited how the virtual reality can be similar to this one surrounding us. Privately a fan of football and a few other sports, he also like do some of them. At his free time he likes spending time with a good book, preferably during a trip to some undiscovered place in Europe.

His top projects:

  • Ninety Minute Fever - 3D Artist