We have submitted our new game to Apple AppStore!

Command your own team of Robots and Mecha in fast paced puzzle combat! Mecha Match features over 90+ unique characters that you can level up, augment, or even scrap for spare parts. Enjoy the strategy of creating your own Mecha squad and the tactics of commanding your team battle! Feed your Mecha energy off the Mecha Match puzzle grid, direct their attacks against the enemy team, and collect your spare parts after each battle. Refined Sci-Fi combat with over 35+ unique special abilities; flying, stealth, raid, repair, and cannon, just to name a few! You can win rare powerhouse Mecha from Mecha Pods. Just send your spare parts off to any of the six Mecha Factions to receive your reinforcements! Equip special Tech items, like Tritanium Armor or Tachyon Scanner, and give your team the edge in combat. Use consumable Items, like Nuclear Strike or Mobile Factory, and secure your victory.

How can a puzzle game deliver strategic sci-fi themed battles while capturing the tactics of a collectible card game? Play Mecha Match and find out!

Now we are waiting for Apple to review it and hopefully publish in AppStore.

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