• 90 Minute Fever

    90 Minute Fever

    90 Minute Fever is the most advanced and in-depth online football management game ever. It has unprecedented level of detail…

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  • Ritual


    Game we made during within 2 days (48h) during KrakJam (part of Global Game Jam 2016). Theme of Jam this…

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  • VirtualOffice


    Application allowing to create skype-style voice conferences in web browser. After logging in, user writes his nick, website, chooses avatar…

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  • Mecha Match

    Mecha Match

    Game programmed entirely by us and designed by Neon Tiger Games team. A universe of Mecha, Cyborgs, and Robots fight…

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  • Malta Submarine

    Malta Submarine

      We've done this project for client from Malta. His business is renting submarines and he needed game allowing customers…

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  • NGO Trainer

    NGO Trainer

    Non-commercial project made by krej.net team and Arkadiusz Kwaśny within few days in 2014. It started as template for making…

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  • Parking


    I'm glad to present our new game. This time we were responsible for both coding and 2D/3D CG. (We've done…

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  • Landscape design framework

    Landscape design framework

    Little framework for landscape designers. It allows to add 3D models of terrain, trees and buildings and then after publishing…

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