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Malta Submarine

  We've done this project for client from Malta. His business is renting submarines and he needed game allowing customers to take virtual trip to him and check how to rent these. Client has provided models and music, we've done the rest (scripting, lights, plants, gameplay, etc.).   [gallery link="none" ids="2240,2239,2238"]  
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AlienImigration game

[gallery columns="4" size="medium" ids="2217,2220,2221,2219"] Funny (Flash) game. I was lead coder during making it. It has got 2 modes: game and level editor.
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Photo Collage

Web application allowing user to use his own photos to make poster. It allows to scale/rotate/move/crop every image, as well as to change it's hue, saturation and other parameters. Every project can be saved and then reloaded later. There is option to export poster as JPG and PDF.
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